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Numerous Injured at Haunted Hayride

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Numerous people were hurt at a haunted hayride in Mechanics Falls Maine.
Needless to say accidents do happen. Whether you are a home haunter or a commercial operation these things can happen. Lets all learn and be diligent with safety in mind.

Here is the link

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My father was an attorney for almost 50 years. Specialized in personal injury. This is never very far from my mind when doing a haunt.
One kid was killed here locally the other night working at one of the haunted mazes. Got hit by the zombie slayer bus. So sad.
Just saw this when checking the news online this a.m. Very sorry to hear about the teenager who lost her life and the many injuried on the ride. When I saw the story I thought of folks here who do hayrides and hope this wasn't run by any of them. I'm sure haunters in the area probably know of the farm though. Looks pretty large.

Here's a link to a UK DailyMail article I read which also has a photo of the farm. I really feel for the operator of the farm/hayride to have had this happen during a ride. We all do our displays to bring some fun and happiness to kids and when accidents happen and people get hurt its really sad and certainly serves as a check to all of us about safety issues.

HAUSER, Idaho (AP) — A bus carrying paintball players struck and killed a Washington state man inside a zombie attraction at a corn maze in northern Idaho, authorities said Saturday.

Jeremy T. McSpadden Jr., 18, of Spokane Valley, Washington, was a role player in the "Zombie Slayer Paintball Bus" attraction at the Incredible Corn Maze in Hauser on Friday night, the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office said. Dressed as a zombie, he emerged from his hiding place and ran toward the modified school bus, but he tripped and fell in front of the rear passenger-side tires, witnesses reported.

He was run over and apparently killed instantly. Because of the uneven terrain of the corn maze, the bus frequently rocks, and the occupants did not immediately notice what had happened, investigators said.

"It was not until the bus had traveled away from the victim's location and the role players began to reset for the next bus to come along that anyone realized something was wrong," the sheriff's office said in a news release.

The attraction is new this season, according to the corn maze's website. For $15, customers ride the bus, which has paintball guns mounted outside the windows, and shoot at the zombies as the vehicle drives through the corn maze.

The bus was going forward, and neither speed nor alcohol was a factor, Sgt. Ward Crawford said.

"The focus of the attraction is the bus creeps forward so the customers have plenty of opportunity to blast away at the zombies," Crawford said. "This looks like it was just a horrific confluence of events."

A recording on the corn maze's information line Saturday morning said, "We are sad to announce that all of the attractions, including the free drive-in movie, will be canceled for the remainder of the weekend."

A message left seeking further comment was not immediately returned.

Hauser is near the Washington border east of Spokane.
This is so sad. We all need to remember that there are dangers and like already said, be extra careful. I live in a small town and about15 or so years ago we had a young child trick or treating and back into a pumpkin with a candle inside. It ignited the costume and the child died. It was such a horrific accident.
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