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Inspired by the CLOSED House of Shock in New Orleans and Spookyworld in Berlin, Massachusetts, this Intense and Psychological Haunted House isn't your typical quiet Neighborhood Haunted House. Why? Because Colleen Dahmer And The Devil Sinz of Bristol County, Massachusetts have CREATED this to Blow your mind. Sure it will have an Intense Scare maze, But that is just a Backdrop. We have Freaky Horrifying Satanic Circus Acts, A Live Stage Show, a Dark Ride with a Pulse-Pounding Drop, Retail and Food Stalls, and 5 Scare Mazes With 1 of them being 18+, taking a total of 2 Hours, having you taken in as groups, and having to Sign a Waiver due to Psychological Reasons. I know you are thinking that this scare maze out of 5 in the Halloween event is like McKamey Manor. But we won't harm you Sexually, we won't harm you Verbally, We Won't Harm you physically, and we will NOT Tolerate Abuse and Neglect in this Scard maze. Note that we will scare you out of your witz.

Now Why are we Posting this? we are hiring for the Haunt... Meaning we will need your Skills to help you scare People And Be Creative for the job. We are looking for: scare actors, production/build crew, makeup artists, haunt engineer, audio-visual engineer personnel, Security Guards, Food and Retail Staff.

So yeah, we nees as much help as we can.

If interested, please PM me.
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