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Notes to self for 2016...

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A little fog juice goes a long way, until 2/3 of the fog machines go down
That unique battery in the prop remote control can't be replaced at 9:30pm
Just because the parent says the kid can take a scare, doesn't mean they wont cry for 20 minutes...
If there is a black veil in the back of the garage, inquisitive kids will wander though to your tool bench...
Beetlejuice has become generational..
Signs to house need a time on them so mom's aren't cheezed when they drop by at noon and you are still setting up

And other specific notes to my haunt that I actually want to remember:
Replace prop hinge bolts with higher grade to prevent bending
Halligator needs greasing
Need more LED point light sources
Coffin leaper needs a new body
RC crawler needs tuning
Crank ghost needs new motor
Johnny's ghost needs more rpms
Trashcan trauma needs guide for cylinder
Need more spiders...
Doubled last year's numbers - buy for at least 300 next year...
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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