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Last night a quiet young woman went through Ravens Grin with her friend. She remained pretty quiet as I talked about the hauntings within this house and Ghost Hunter's experiences here .
Much later as they were leaving I brought up the subject of those :Ghost Apps".
She began by "confessing' to have participated in ghost hunting, but realizes how many look at you strangely when you mention doing this.
Then she told me she once lived next to a graveyard but would Never live in such a location ever again.
She had two weeks left living there before she was going to move out.
As she laid down in bed for the night a voice whispered in her Right ear:""We are still here, will you be?"
She felt warm, moist breath against that side of her face.........she closed her eyes tightly and didn't make a sound for the entire night.
She then said she got almost no sleep for those last two weeks..........
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