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Hello all!

I am excited to finally get to join the forums here. I've been doing a lot of looking around and reading, and I hope I can contribute even half of what I've been able to learn!

Working on haunts has always been my dream, hobby, and possibly even passion. Starting in my early teens I volunteered at a local haunted house as an actor, and also helped create some of the props.

Today I have a regular job that prevents me from volunteering too often, but I do have an 8'x16' screen porch that gets plenty of traffic in front of it. I decided this year would be the first of many, where we would finally get to start designing and running our own super-mini attraction. It may not be much, but it's the closest I can get to running my own place.

I look forward to spending time here. From what I can tell this is a friendly community, dedicated to a time of year I spend a good portion of mine thinking about!
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