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...but close!
Just wanted to share a few pics of my yard setup so far. Still need to put my witch out and coffin, along with some other little details. Have decided to use the toe-pincher coffin as my candy bucket. The idea is to have the coffin placed on a table with a black cloth draped over it. Inside the coffin will be a corpse holding the candy bucket for the TOTers to take. The kicker is that under the table, my son will be hiding and grabbing the legs of the over 12 year old TOTers (don't want to scare the little ones too much ya know!)!

Anyhow, really looking forward to this Halloween. Loving the setup thus far. New for this year is the ghost, the coffin (not shown), the ground breaker coffin (barely shown), and the cemetery fence.
Pumpkin Creep.jpg
Front Yard.jpg
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