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Hi folks. Even though this is listed as my first post, I was very active on Halloween Forum using the moniker ChrisW until a few years ago. My wife passed away suddenly on October 7, 2019. Halloween was of no interest and got put away.
I am now gradually getting back into it. But I'm also thinning out what i have. Which leads me to a question: does anyone have an idea of what this would sell for? It is from, I think, the 2017(?) SPIRIT Haunted Hotel display. It is the flickering HOTEL sign. The letters are 2' high by 6" deep, styrofoam with thin cardboard facing. All of the LED lights work, all wiring is present and has the adapter. Everything is in very good condition.
I have no idea what it is worth. because of the size of the letters I think shipping costs would be prohibitive but may try Craigslist or Marketplace. I stuck $200 in the box because i had to put something up there to post this, but I don't think it's worth that much... or is it? I have no idea!
Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help!