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Winter-Kill killed two trees here last Winter, I have just spent the last few days sawing them down and trucking away the mess.
They had to "Go', the one was rotted badly too.
Besides losing the trees, we also lost something else that is important to almost every person alive... some Privacy!
With trees (that looked more like tall bushes) anyone driving down the alley may glance into our South yard and see almost everything there and our main exit for our house. The alley is higher than the yard which gives them quite a view!
My Wife says we buy bushes (and wait HOW many years for the privacy to return?)
I have another idea (I have way too many almost always)
I just might build a battle ship where the stumps are for privacy.
I have scrap steel with some nice, smooth bends in it for the hull. I have several old scrap steel lower parts of furnace heat exchangers fro 50 or more years ago.
If I cut them in half,I can get two big gun turrets from each one . They will be three-dimensional but only one-sided, the side the public will see,flat on our side of it.
IF you happen to be laughing about now or happen to think I'm just full of "Hot Air", I already have a 20 foot long Nuclear submarine in my yard for over 20 years.
It has fooled some people before, they thought it was a real submarine! (Well! It looks like one!")
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