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Kinda nervous. After seven years of doing a yard haunt with seperate scary or silly scenes spread around my property, my scare actors all agreed to switch things up this year and go with an "all in" group performance/mini play rather than what we've done in the past.

*We'll all be able to share the fun of the night as a group rather than as individual or two person scares.
*I think we have a good story line. (The legend of how my steet: RAYBURN Dr. got it 's name.)

*Unsure how quick we'll be able to usher in a new crowd, give a good performance and then reload for the next group to enter. Want the entire thing to take less than 15 minutes but only time will tell.
*None of us are professional actors so as always we'll be learning on the fly including how well we can light each scene and ensure story flow.

To help with that last "con" I've written in a narrator/actor to help move the story line along. A guide perhaps. Yound kids might not love it but with a spooky set and the feeling of and event happening, I'm hopeful they leave happy even if they can't follow the story from start to finish.

Lastly I am hoping to add some wandering scares or entertainment in my coral area so people aren't annoyed by waiting a long time. But what we do is always free AND we still give out candy. So if they leave it's on them. :p ha ha

Wish us luck and Happy haunting.
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