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I too was having balance problems with the Lindberg Skull. It is very nose heavy. If I remove power from the servos the head immediately goes down. The servo is constantly fighting to keep it level with power on. This is what my skull looked like.

I believe that I have alleviated the problem by making the following changes. I have never been accused of being small. When I was a kid on the teeter totter they had to move the fulcrum point so I could ride it with the smaller kids.... that is what I did.
I move the "A Frame" to the front side of the plate....effectively moving the fulcrum. I drilled and tapped four new holes for the plate.

Mounting the "A Frame" in front caused a problem with mounting the servos, so I made a minor modification to the servos.... I cut off their little toes.... and I reversed the rotate and tilt servos 180 degrees.

This allowed me to mount the "A Frame" in front as well as the servos.

It is still a little nose heavy, however I believe that can be fixed with a little lead and the nod servo is not working as hard.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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