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Happy Halloween!

It's been a long time coming, but my partner and I have finally redesigned and relaunched our website this past August. It's now mobile friendly and has a better layout and gallery of custom projects we've worked on.

Our website: http://www.northfur.ca

Since our last post, we've moved to a small town, Chalk River, Ontario, Canada. There are also some new pieces we've added since our last post including a Rhinoceros Muzzle and we're going to be releasing a few new beaks, cow muzzle and bulldog face shortly. I've started filming more videos and will have some up soon as well.

We focus on making latex prosthetics / appliances and masks. I also prefer to sculpt and make animal, fantasy and monster pieces rather than horror or gore. We have dozens of stock pieces and can make custom pieces outside of the Halloween season. Prices vary depending on the sizes of the pieces, the material chosen and whether they're unpainted or finished. For example, most blank hot foam latex noses are around $32 CAD, faces are around $62 CAD, full muzzles start around $60 CAD up to $200 CAD.

Please check out our online store for more photos and information, and have a safe and fun Halloween!
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