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Greetings Haunter Friends,

I just wanted to post this thread up here in the general halloween section because in talking to a few of the members here this last week, they did not know we are all talking about forming our group & getting together down in the "Haunts, Gatherings & Conventions" section.

For those of you from the state of North Carolina that want to join our prop building group or even if you don't want to build but want to keep company with halloween minded folk, please read the "NC Haunters" thread in the "Haunts, Gatherings & Conventions" section to keep informed of what we are up too!!

We hope some of you new NC members will join us. This is a new group that is just forming!!

Any questions you have can be posted on our thread!

the Muffster

PS we will be bouncing this thread for a couple of weeks to make sure everybody sees it. As you all know at this time of year the board moves pretty rapibly!
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