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Greetings Everybody, The North Carolina Haunters group met August 29th at the house of Mr. & Mrs. Spookineer. We had a pretty good crowd this time & really covered a lot during the day. There was demonstrations on the building of cemetery fences, tea light lanterns & fog chillers along with all the props that Spookineer had showed us from his collection of marvels! Then everyone else showed props & boy did we see some stuff.

There was a lady there that was going to write an article for the newspaper about us & she was amazed at what the group does. Lunch was a great big pot of sloppy joes & baked beans along with the sweet tray we always have.

Next get together is the social event of the year at my place. We get together after New Years & have a dinner & look at props & visit about how our halloween went. Its a family affair. Below is the link for the pictures of this last meet.

Pictures by NC-Haunters - Photobucket
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