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noobi s new costume

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iv been working on this new costume first attempt at this hope u like it.
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Many years ago at TransWorld (Chicago) the haunter's masquerade was held in a large room, right next to a Church group's meeting (Mostly young Latinos)
When the one owner of Nether World walked down the common hallway wearing a costume very similar to this one.. suddenly "religion" became Very important to several young (20's) people in that shared hallway!
The looks were Priceless! the fear! The quickly moving. noisy feet! Young children being shielded from the Beast( walking on internal stilts)
Of course it also happened the "Other way" too.
When the elevator opened and Darth Vader and numerous Storm Troopers stepped out into the hallway some small kids became awestruck!! Smiling,trans-fixed!
A car pulled up with guests with baggage,Storm Troopers ran up scooped up the baggage and carried it inside the Hotel for these total strangers!
This group of movie characters were from the Chicago area and they tour Children's Wards in Hospitals.
They made their own costumes ,vacuum-formed the parts themselves.
Very impressive!
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