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Hello. I'm 29, hail from Western Maryland, USA, and have just started my Halloween festivities the past year.
I used to volunteer with Haunted trails and participate in my Uncle's Haunted forest when I was younger (under 18) then slowly my circle of friends changed as my occupations adjusted and I fell out of "decent" Halloween activities.
I attended a party 2 years ago that absolutely was horrible and the people throwing it should have been ashamed to call it a Halloween party. Thus, I vowed to throw my own hat into the ring and give it a go. Last year I managed to put together a good party that people are still gossiping about and this year I am preparing to add a Haunted Trail into the mix. Having taken ques and ideas from the tombstone builders and coffin makers I've found here, I have begun creating my own props and such. Found this site a few weeks ago and I'm blown away by what people have accomplished.
Though I'm just starting and have little experience building such props I'm hoping to put something together that is memorable and that I can build on for years to come.
It's great to have found a group so dedicated to something that has fascinated me for years and I hope I can develop my own style and contribute to this group in the future. Thanks for the inspiration!
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