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no monster mud in the UK

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Hiya all over the pond,

ever since my first HHN experience a few years back i have been big on celebrating Halloween over here at home. Unfortunately not many people share my enthusism and I still have to come over to Universal studios, orlando for my fix.
Last year I made my first "haunt" and it all went quite well and even got a few minutes on the local TV station. This time around I want to be more ambitious and was looking at making some "monster mud" creations, but over here in the UK just try and get your hands on Latex Paint and Drywall Joint Compound !!! I went into my local hardware store and they looked at me with blank faces when i asked for those products. The closest I got to Latex Paint was errrrrr Latex Body Paint which they sell in the xxx adult stores.
If anyone has any pointers or help they might be able to share to enable me to make my own "monster mud" i wold be very grateful ..... or its ebay and lots of £££ on pre made props

thanx for any help you might have ......... a desperate UK halloween haunter !

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thanx everyone again for adding to this thread, all comments much appreciated .. now for that US - UK dictionary LOL
Wolfman - thanx for the tutorial, that will be a project for the coming weekend after I have loaded all the materials in the boot of the car .... whoops, sorry TRUNK !
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