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In the past, we have usually had 2 big seasonal retail stores (Halloween Experience and Spirit) plus a variety of smaller stores (Halloween Express, All Things Halloween, etc) from which to choose. This year, however, we only have 2 - Spirit and All Things Halloween. The Spirit store is ok (except for the before-mentioned Lack of Quality Props), but ATH has a pathetic selection and is WAY over-priced.

Halloween Experience has an open-year-round warehouse and retail store in Las Vegas called Halloween Mart. We were in the area yesterday so we naturally stopped by. Besides looking for a couple of items for our party, I wanted to find out where the Halloween Experience stores were going to be opening up this year, and when. The answer: they're not.

So, I was wondering, are there ANY Halloween Experience stores out there this year?

And, while you're at it, what stores DO you have?
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