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Nintendo Theme Halloween: Goombas, Pirhana Plants Boo's house

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I decided to do a Super Mario theme this year since there are many new younger kids in my block, and the Magic Mirror theme I've been doing for more than 5 year, it was time for something new.

Supplies were all from the dollar store and each goomba was basically a salad bowl, a plate, a bowl with lid and 2 smaller salad bowls. Each Goomba was about $7 to make (factoring in cost of spray paint and mounting hardware as well). All bolted together and spray painted. Eyes and brows were craft foam and brows are shapable due to a wire frame.

Pihrana plants were also salad bowls bolted into 1x8's and pipes were made from left over concrete forms.

Turned out great and kiddies had a ton of fun seeing them.


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I coded a digital Boo puppet that just uses a browser to run. All functions are keyboard controlled but I also managed to map functions to a joystick as well.

I made 2 versions, a controlled puppet and one that hides when it detects a face via webcam.

Below is a quick video demo


Kids had a blast talking to Boo.
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