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Finally "breaking ground" on construction of our annual garage haunt!! Only 1 week behind schedule, not bad.

Thought I would document it this year for posterity.

This is our floorplan from last year. We aren't changing the layout, but we do want to jazz up some of the rooms.

ROOM 1 (entry on left side of garage opening, bottom right of image): Last year we had a sloping ceiling that victims had to gradually duck down further and further to get through, when they got to the smallest point they pushed past a tarp and were surprised by the first scare, a hanging zombie animatronic & a strobe light. Next they pushed past another tarp and entered a black light room with hanging pool noodles to navigate through.

ROOM 2: blacklight; room covered in neon dots with an actor covered in dots in a clown mask standing still in the corner. Jump scare as victims passed.

ROOM 3: red light; infestation room covered in bloody walls, hundreds of cockroaches, and rats eating a dead exterminator's body prop wrapped in spider webs. No jump scares, just a walk by dead body & bugs static scare room.

ROOM 4: strobe light; as victims entered the spider room they stepped on a stomp pad and a jumping spider animatronic was triggered. The room was covered in webs, spiders, & hanging spider egg sacs. As victims almost exited the room they triggered another stomp pad with another jumping spider animatronic.

ROOM 5: hanging "old looking" flashing Edison bulb string lights motion-triggered by hanging chains that victims walked through; zombie hands sticking out of walls. Standing static zombie prop in the corner.

ROOM 6: same lighting as room 5, as victims rounded the corner into this room a static-looking actor zombie with a chainsaw stood still until the victims passed then chased them out of the haunt.

We want to spice up the entry (ROOM 1)...maybe change it entirely, but definitely want to keep it an anticipatory scare room. Also, considering making ROOM 5 a creepy zombie doll room with a zombie doll actor rocking back and forth until the victim passes.

Can't wait to scare this year!!!
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