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Nightmare before Christmas

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This is a show I created for my house using Light rope and a computer controlled light box.
Rob Hall's videos on Vimeo

Here is a daylight picture.
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rob, maybe you had better check the rules, i don't know if cylon has something there or not. i do know you have to have a picture of the prop with a newspaper so it shows you made this prop for this contest and not a past occasion. today is the last day i believe so you need to get that newspaper posted. thanks cylon, i hope we help. awesome display. you could still take a nightshot if needed tonight and post. good luck.
I am so sorry, I didn’t catch the "made for this contest" This is my display I built for Halloween 08 and after that I moved into a Christmas display that is twice as big (very time consuming) a neighbor told me about this contest so I entered. Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback. Cylon I respectively withdraw my entry. Thank you.
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