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Nightmare Before Christmas

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My journey into building Nightmare Before Christmas props began about 7 years ago after a trip to Disneyland. My nieces and nephews all loved the NBC themed overlay of the haunted mansion ride and I thought that would be a cool way to decorate the house. Bonus that it could serve as Halloween and Christmas. Then began the process of figuring out how to build the props as I had no idea. First was Santa Jack in time for Christmas. Didn’t really intend on building anymore but after I was stopped by many people driving by my house about how much they enjoyed it I decided to add to it. Next year I added Halloween Jack and Sally. The following year Zero and his dog house. Then Oogie boogie. Then I decided it would be fun to do an animated prop rather than static. Definitely don’t know what I’m doing in that realm but made the mayor with a rotating head and that was a win. This past year I did Dr. Finkelstein with a skull that opens and closes. Still deciding what to do for this coming year, but need to get started soon. It’s fun to see the response in the neighborhood. I’ve had people start asking me in August when the display will be up and have parents who bring their kids by every day that it’s up. As long as there is interest I intend to add to it every year. Going to need to start putting some in my yard though as my porch is nearly full lol. Hope you enjoy.
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Wow! These are amazing! Love the detail!
Do you have a video of the Mayor rotating his head?
What is Zero and his kennel made out of?

Every year I say I'm doing an NBC theme but haven't done it yet.
That looks awesome, especially for someone who says they don't know what they're doing.
Thanks for the kind words! I do have video, just need to figure out how to post it since I’ve never done it.
All of the characters have a skeleton made of pvc pipe of various sizes and connectors. Clothing with the exception of Sally’s dress I sewed in a very non professional way as once again I’m just kind of making stuff up as I go. The heads all start out as a paper mache base which I then cover and shape with apoxie sculpt. Wanted something durable as I didn’t want to have to make the heads again since they take so long. The downside is the heads are all very heavy. Zeros dog house I made out of plywood and painted. Zero was animated the first year but the wiper motor set up I used (my first attempt) struggled with the weight and I haven’t gotten around to improving it. Dr. Finkelsteins wheelchair is also made of pvc pipe except for the wheels which are wooden wagon wheels attached to a wood axle using clevis pins. My extra ambitious plans were to somehow make it so his wheelchair would wheel around by remote control of some sort, but for now his skull just opens and closes.
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