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Here are the pictures from this years Halloween display. It was the biggest display we've ever done and I was so happy that I finished everything I wanted to and that I wasn't sewing or building anything on Halloween.
The neat thing about our display is that we get alot of adults that appreciate the display. We found out we are getting pretty popular around town and that we are a part of a lot of neighbors Halloween tradition. So many people told us how they look forward to coming by and how they had been excited driving by all week seeing the display going up. My neighbor across the street stopped by as I was packing everything up and thanked me for putting up the display! It was very sweet. Another woman told me that she was on bed rest last year and was upset that she missed last years display so she told her husband that if she only got to one house this year it was going to be ours! She also offered to work if we ever turned our display into a haunt! It was nice to hear from so many people how much they appreciate what we do, it makes all the hard work worth it. Now on to next years plans!!

The band hanging out with the gatekeeper

The werewolf

The witches casting a spell with the undersea gal. We also had the glowing coals prop under the cauldron and a small fogger in the cauldron.

Oogie Boogie scared everyone! We sprayed him with glow in the dark paint and lit him with two blacklights. He looked really creepy and like he was going to jump off the porch!

Vampires with the grim reaper

Clown with the tear away face

Zero. His pumpkin nose lit up at night

Lock, Shock and Barrel looking over their ToT loot

Harlequin Demon, Devil, and the Mayor

Mayor, Scarecrow and Cyclops

Igor and Dr. Finklestein

More vampires (a little blurry ...still trying to figure out the new phone)

Mr. Hyde and the creature under the stairs

View from the sidewalk


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You got everyone, and it's all perfect! What do you do for a living, because every prop is seriously on the mark! Did you take photos during any of the builds? I love it so much, I have tears in my eyes!!! If I lived in your neighborhood, I'd be the crazy lady who won't stop taking photos of your props. LOL! Did you play the soundtrack too?

And if you ever want to change haunt themes, can I be the first to bid on your collection?

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Thank you so much! I'm not a professional or anything but I've been an artist all my life. I don't have any pictures of the builds but I'm going to try to remember to do that in the future. I'm so glad that you love it, I have found this display tends to get to people emotions I had a lady start crying last year. We do have the soundtrack playing the whole night which really makes the display magical.
I have more pictures in my NBC album on my profile if you want to see everything.
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