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What type of clothing did Dr. Decker wear in Nightbreed?
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Dress clothing with an overcoat. This person pretty much nailed the look:
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I have looked at many pictures online trying to figure out what to wear. At first I thought it looked like a trench coat but an overcoat makes more sense. Is the overcoat black?
Understandable, as many are not full-body photos. It is black.
I just watched this today...love that movie. That mask is epic...terrifying but very simplistic. The mask looks like leather but there is no way. Have you tried anything yet?
I'm going to make the mask from Linen Burlap glued on an existing plain mask. I have all the supplies I need. Now I just have to get started. it is a great movie though...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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