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Newest Tombstone

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Here is a tombstone for a little girl I just finished. I was debating making this one for some time now, because of the moral issues associated with a yound child dying, etc. But, I decided to make it because I had 2 dolls that were just begging to be creeped up a little for the big night. I hope I don't offend anyone, because that is not my intention.

Here it is with one of the dolls (complete with glowing red eyes):


Here's how she's wired..just a battery pack with LEDs, wired through her head and hot glued in the eyes:

Here's the other doll I got at an estate sale:
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ohh, creepy!

It'll look like some demon dolls crept up to the little girl's tombstone.:)
Well, I was searching for doll ideas, since I found a perfect one at goodwill yesterday. Now, guess what you have MADE me do??!?! Add making a child's tombstone to my list of things to do!!! LOL

VERY nice...I mean VERY creepy! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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