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Hi everyone!

My birthday is on Halloween and I have never had a Halloween Party. Unfortunately here in Namibia people don't really know anything about Halloween. So, this year I'm turning 30 and decided to have one big proper Halloween Party. One problem, you don't get a lot of decorations here, so I have to make most of it. I have been on your website reading most of your how to's and must say thanks for all the advice and tips. If there are any easy to make scary props you can help me with I will appreciate it. Since I am building everything myself, am not very creative and working on a small budget I would really appreciate some help.

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Greetinjgs & Welcome to HF!

You find what ever you are looking for here!
Hello and welcome. Just where is Namibia? Is it anywhere near Kentucky?lol
Welcome, I think its pretty cool that you're going to throw a big halloween party for your 30th. Congrats :)
Thanks everybody!
And no, Namibia isn't near Kentucky. The closest Kentucky hear would be the Kentucky Fried Chicken. Namibia is in Africa just above South Africa.
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