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Mounting 2.975” wheels to channel or other Actobotic components is now easier with these new wheel mounts. Use wheel bracket A for an inline or straight free-wheel setup; use bracket B for an angled setup or free-wheel caster. Both come with plastic spacers to be used with our 1/4” bore, flanged ball bearings. Will work with any Actobotics part that is 1” wide such as part #545420 Quad Hub Mount A. Each kit includes brackets, (4) ball bearing spacers, (2) 1/4” flanged ball bearings, and one standoff. Wheels sold separately.


Wheel Bracket A (straight) 585026
585026-kit.jpg _585026_Wheel_Mount_front150.jpg _585026_Wheel_Mount_blue_up200.jpg Wheel-Mount-side-blue-web.jpg _585026_Wheel_Mount_blue_side200.jpg a__585026_Wheel_Mount_top200.jpg

Wheel Bracket B (angle) 585028
585028-kit.jpg _585028_Wheel_Mount_angle300.jpg _585028_Wheel_Mount_side_top200.jpg _585028_Wheel_Mount_back200.jpg a__585028_Wheel_Mount_side200.jpg Wheel-Mount-upright-web.jpg
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