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What's your Halloween 2020 going to look like?

  • Business as usual

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • Modify things a bit, still hand out candy

    Votes: 4 44.4%
  • Put up a yard display / minimize Halloween activities

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Lock the doors, turn off the lights and pretend nobody's home

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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Good Evening Fellow Haunters....
I recently posted my Haunted Garage Halloween 2019 video

2019 Video:
2018 Video:

About my haunt:
I have a single car garage that I make into a haunted "house" on Halloween night for the Neighborhood kiddies to come in and enjoy.
It's "kid friendly" - not too scary, definitely no gore, just your classic jump scares
Homemade Animatronics, video (Atmosphere FX), and other special effects / lighting etc.

Halloween 2020 ?
Yes... I am making plans for Halloween 2020 but with the COVID restrictions...
SADLY... it will NOT be a Haunted Garage and NO candy handouts
But I am STILL going to do something .. My concept is to make a "Mystery Walk'... an outdoor, open air walk through Haunt
-- Details to come and Ideas welcome!

Thanks kindly! Please enjoy my videos... subscribe if you dare.... Bwahahah!!!

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Oh I love both of the walkthroughs - the 2018 one with the lovely Haunted Mansion-ish narrator is classic, but I love the drop panel jump scare in last year's version. Really liked the zombie on the way out the door on 2018 too. :D

Reminded me of the dark ride in my hometown's little amusement park!
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Thanks so much for the feedback, I'm so pleased you liked it. I am sad this year because COVID is killing Halloween here in the SF Bay Area.... I will try to have something of a haunt this year, I'm planning a "Mystery Wall" that is outdoors in my front yard, but I do not expect 100's like I do every year (especially if no candy handouts), I'm open to ideas and suggestions and of course I'll post more stuff as I come out with it.

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Looks great鈥 nice to see someone else with a one car garage. Sometimes my husband wish we would of bought a house with a two car garage but we have to work with what we have.
We are hoping to create a one way walkthrough path through out front yard and in one way and out the other with a small wall divider in the garage. We are going to have a drop down wall panel in the garage with my niece working it (clear shower curtain in the opening for protection).
Thanks for showing what else can be down in a garage. Unfortunately we don鈥檛 have a side door in front it garage that leads out.
Great work!

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I too wish I had a bigger space to make my haunt... Dividing the garage like that in two really cuts down your available haunt space, but you can put your effects in the middle and have the haunt operator there to trigger the scares. For scares that will respect social distancing, you can attach a scary glove or head on a stick, maybe paint it with blacklight paint and at the right moment thrust it out of a prop such as a tombstone, with a growl... get's them every time! LOL

The Drop Panel is also another classic scare, If your actor (niece) wears a Halloween mask with a COVID mask under that mask, you should consider having a sound effect you trigger with a switch that is timed (or even triggered) with the panel drop.(amplified sound because of the mask) Anyway, sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck!!! :)

As you saw in my video, I make animatronic props or video effects that trigger with an PIR sensor, so I don't need live actors... I'm lucky since I already have them built and ready to go... Will they survive outside, hope it doesn't rain Halloween night (and it will if I put anything outdoors that can't get wet... then guaranteed to rain!):eek:
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