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Hi, my name is Ian, from Gosport, England. Over the last four years, I have gradually been building up my props from just normal decorations, through to some animated. I built a headless man, with blood spurting from his neck, and then this year, a flying crank ghost.

My fiancee, Katrina, and I are planning on getting married on October 31st 2009, in the Grand Magazine at the Explosion Museum, Gosport. So starting planning that now. Any ideas gratefully received, especially from members in Europe.

I hope to pick up some tips both for the wedding and for future haunts. If I can, I will pass on my experiences good and bad.

Looking forward to 31/10/09

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I say...another British chappie. How spiffing!:D

Actually Iffy, I was starting to wonder if I was the only one in the South of England that did anything Halloween wise. There are some other UK members, but most of them seem to be "Oop Norf"... It's nice to have a like-minded soul a bit more local (My nephew lives in pompey).

Welcome to the forum pal. You'll get loads of good advice and ideas here. Enjoy. :)

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Welcome to the site! It's great to have more and more members joining us!

There's another Halloween Wedding being planned on here, so I'm sure you can both share ideas with each other:p

Try the search bar below the banner, and search "Halloween Wedding", I'm sure there's more threads for this. Good luck, and congratulations!
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