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?NEW? twist on a pepper's Ghost

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We have a seasonal campsite at a campground, where they do a few early Halloween weekends. These weekends are the last weekends of the season, so I don't want to do a whole lot of decorating...

I have been stewing on a project, and I am curious if anyone has done anything like it...

I want to make a Pepper's Ghost kinda thing, with a bowl of candy as the normal image, and ME as the alternate image.

I was thinking of using a PIR or IR sensor to switch the lighting so that when a kid would reach into the box for a treat, it turns into an agry and frightful me, promptly causing them to urinate in thier costumes.

I am planning on working on this over the next 2 months, as that is my slow time at work.

Any tips, advice, or anecdotes are very welcome from this great crowd!