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Hello, my name is Dave and I am a Halloween-a-holic. (Everyone say hello Dave):rolleyes:

Greetings from Norfolk, Virginia. I am new to the site and wanted to say hello and get in on some of the information sharing. What a great site!

I have a big adults only Halloween party every year (4th) and it is at the point now where I need to start to make some of my own props. Last year I made a guilotine and a coffin this year and they both turned out pretty good. (IMHO) I will post some pictures ASAP. I thought I was pretty good at the party until I started to look at some of the creations on this site. Some of your creations are great.

I look forward to many discussions on our holiday over the next several months so next year's party will be even better!

Cheers and happy hauntings!
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