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New to the site from Louisville KY

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Hi! I'm Mimi from Louisville....I thought maybe I was a little early for planning my Halloween party....looks like there are a lot of my kind right here ! Hope I find some great ideas here. I've always had "adult" parties..but now I have kids and have to tame it down. My party last year had a hayride and a haunted forest and a candy buffet! We had 120 guests. I'm thinking of having a "zombie walk" this year. Do you think it's too scary to dress up 2 and 3 year olds as zombies??? :rolleyes:
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Welcome to the Forum! You'll learn a lot here, get tons of inspiration. The little 'uns? Zombies is good, soon enough, they'll choose what they want to be for Hallowe'en.

Kentucky, eh? We had a member here from Kentucky, Owensburg, I believe or Bowling Green. He went by the name "madmax". A great prop builder. He was arrested shortly before Hallowe'en 2006 for groping a woman who was going through his haunt. Police investigation showed that he was living under a false name, and was a fugitive running from an Insurance scam. Haven't heard from him since...
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