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Hello everyone. Just a quick introduction.

I am a first year haunter with a passion for the Halloween. I am a full time Firefighter and I own an amusement rental company on the side. I have owned my business since 2004 and love entertaining people. I was presented with the opportunity to start a haunted attraction last season and ran with it. I attended Transworld last year and filled every hour with classes as well as the haunt tours that were offered. Throughout the year I continued to watch tutorials and read forums.

For our first year we did around 3000 people all while being closed on our first weekend and low attendance on the first opening night, all due to weather. We are located in Maryland just south of DC and are the only haunt within a 60 mile radius (roughly). We offered two attractions last year and plan to add a third one this year. I will be attending Transworld again this year along with some other conventions and look forward to meeting more people in person.

I have found that this community of haunters is great to work with and look forward to growing within the industry.

Jack Beckwith
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