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Hello All,

Mike here from Frisco, Texas. I recently decided that I want to do some major things to my house this year for Halloween. Tried some local stores and found that the prices are a NO-GO for me. So, I have made some of my own props from ideas taken from the internet. I hope to gain more knowledge through this forum and apply that to some gnarly yard props. Grew up with a subscription to Fangoria magazine and loving the gory stuff.....

Anyhow - look forward to this new-found hobby.

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

This is definitely a great place to find lots of ideas and help on prop building - but be careful... it's addictive!:D
Ah Fangoria Magazine. I used to get a subscription for years. Welcome fellow Texan. Say hi to King Diamond for me! LOL I worked for years in Richardson. And my brother lives in Allen.
Hey there. As Frankie said, you will get a TON of ideas and inspiration on this site. Happy haunting!! :D
Welcome to the forum!
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