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Hi guys and ghouls,

The Night Frights team has been burning the midnight oil to deliver a brand new product just in time for Halloween! We're very excited to introduce… "Man-imations"!

Man-imations are life-size characters brought to life by our Halloween video projection prop expertise. They use the same technology we've been employing for years with our Ghost Busts, but these life-sized figures are intensely more imposing and scary.

The video demos don't do them justice, if you like what you see on the video, you'll be amazed at how lifelike they are in person. Your visitors won't know if it's a real person in killer makeup standing there, or if it's some kind of animatronic prop, they're really that convincing.

Of course, these aren't regular mannequins we're employing. To get this kind of realism, we needed to use the same technique we use with our Ghost Busts of precisely matching the video to the facial structure we've created with these specially fabricated posable body forms. I'm afraid just pointing a projector at a dummy just didn't cut it, which is why we worked so hard to get this out before Halloween.

I'm giving my friends here on the Halloween Forum first dibs on ordering one in time for Halloween this year, as time's running out and we have a limited supply at this point. This is so new, we don't even have it up on our website yet, so contact me at [email protected] for more information.

Be the first to see it here: http://t.co/kDxjuK06uq

Now back to developing new scary Halloween props for next year! ; )

Happy haunting!

Mike Fox
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