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New Project

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Got this idea off the net. Need to detail it out a bit more but I'm happy with the progress so far.:D

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Wonderful idea!
And it looks relatively easy to make!
Amazing job!
I love that idea! Anybody have an extra finger to give these starving plants??
Feed me !!!!!


Now if you get them to sing that would be really cool.

Another Masterpiece by the Voodoo Wizard.
dang now i have to build one :D
That is my kind of prop. I love that!!!!
Oh wow, that's really cool looking! Great job!
I was just wondering where you were off too and I see you were creating this masterpiece. Dang Voodoo, awesome!
Thanks everyone.

I really like these guys. They are very easy to make. The only time consuming
part is wrapping all the stems and vines...other than that it is a very quick project.

I was given the go ahead to start working on props so I am so EXCITED. So many
wonderful ideas and talented people on this forum I don't know where to begin.

First Thing That Comes To My Head

That is SWEET!! Where is the tutorial?
The plant looks healthy and well fed. What's your secret.

The Pod
The plant looks healthy and well fed. What's your secret.

The Pod

Stray Christmas carolers:D
Truly wonderful and twisted...I love it, and I will say it again, you are unbelievably creative!
This project has really got my creative juices flowing for my lame forest room I had last year. Now, I'm thinking of making it a jungle room with these things and the sarlacc creature on another thread.

I think I could figure out how you made the head of the mouth (only in a Halloween forum would what I just said make sense :rolleyes: anyways......but I can't figure out how you made the tentacle teeth. Tentacle teeth LOL!....I love this place!!!!
Thank you DarkStar. I can't take all the credit I first saw the idea from my ghoul friday. GREAT WORK.
I just did things a little different but the basis is done on her design.

Terra..I understood every word. LOL. We haunters are a curious bunch. The teeth are made from Sculpy Clay. I carved the mouth then cut small sections of wire and placed them where I wanted the teeth. Then formed the clay and pushed into the wire. When I was happy with the teeth I pulled them out..wire and all...and popped them in the oven.

I might do a TUT for the prop building group if people are interested. It could be a small project it doesn't take long at all.
Thank you for the tentacle teeth explanation. A tutorial would be great. :)

By the way, smelling the roses skelliefairy is another great display.
Beautiful, one for ech side of the door at my house! Originally posted a couple of questions before realizing I was on page 1 of 2. Thanks for sharing!
I love this! Please make the tutorial! I'm going to haunt the inside of my house this year to host my kid's friends. I want all the amazing props I can make! (course I always have to be the cool mom) ;)
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