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New Prefix for Props - Materials

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My Fellow Fiends,

The Master Crypt Keeper (Larry) asked me to start a thread concerning an issue I mentioned to him privately. He wants some input and feedback on the issue from you good ghouls, so I'm gonna post the message I sent him initially. Feel free to add to this, explain why you like it, why it isn't needed, whatever your opinion.

Here's the post...

"Hope life finds you well. I just posted a thread in the Props Forum and noticed I had to choose a prefix. That's when it struck me.

Could we have a prefix for Materials? Lots of questions deal with foam, casting, paint, mache, PVC pipe, chicken wire, monster mud, sealant, bulbs, wire, motor parts, hot glue, drywall compound, that sort of thing.

I hate choosing Other for a paper mache question. I posted it in Props because most of the mache questions and discussions are there, and not the Crafts section. I'd hate to post the same question in both areas.

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