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Our new planetary gearmotors shown side by side for size comparison. Both gearmotor types offer dual ball bearings, full metal gears, and extreme power!
3-12V_Precision_Planetary_Gear_Motor.jpg 3-12V_Precision_Planetary_Gear_Motor_2.jpg

3-12V Precision Planetary Gearmotors $27.99. Available RPMs include: 26RPM, 32RPM, 38RPM, 44RPM, 52RPM, 116RPM, 142RPM, 195RPM, 624RPM, 730RPM, 2737RPM http://www.servocity.com/html/3-12v_precision_planetary_gear.html

6-12V HD Precision Planetary Gearmotor $39.99. Available RPMs include: 12RPM 16RPM, 23RPM, 32RPM, 45RPM, 60RPM, 84RPM, 118RPM, 165RPM, 313RPM, 437RPM, 612RPM, 1621RPM http://www.servocity.com/html/6-12v_hd_precision_planetary_g.html
HD_Precision_Planetary_Gear_Motor.jpg HD_Precision_Planetary_Gear_Motor_3.jpg

Gearmotors are compatible with the following products.

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