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Authentic sequins Jessica Rabbit gown in real fancy sequins stretch fabric. A REAL SHOW STOPPER! We sell to celebrities! The fabric used is highest quality because it has to. There are similar sequins fabrics used in this gown elsewhere; the embossed or glued on kind that falls off and snags, or the high quality actual sequins that are sewn onto the luxurious fabric which is what we use.

Crimson red highest quality sequins fabric, deep slit in front and deep scooped open back gown.
I should mention that the fabric used has Lycra so it also does a job of hugging curves and also aids in support, but only when cut with the special pattern I use.

I use 3/4" invisible elastic in a halter fashion from one top of bust, around neck and to the other side of bust. The gown is cut in 7 panels that are form fitting which also add the beauty of the gown and again, support. Without this 7 panel forming cut you would have an unflattering A-line gown. The panels are more work but is the most important step and so worth it.
Bra inserts in YOUR bust size are also used for support not to mention a perfect fit.

Matching opera purple gloves included.

Master seamstress with 40 years of sewing experience. Our costumes are made to fit and we use the highest quality fabrics and materials. Don't settle for lesser quality workmanship or fabric: it will be noticed on that first impression. This particular costume must meet the highest standards for allure and sex appeal.

Get yours from an experienced seamstress who knows how to make you look fabulous. You will see what I mean when you see and feel the quality of this gown. The compliments won't stop coming when your friends see you in it.


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