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New Nox Arcana album this year

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Nox Arcana is one of my favorite sources for gothic/spooky music, and their twitter just posted recently about a new album coming out this year - The Haunted Symphony!


Based on the art/theme, it looks like they're going for maybe something loosely based around/inspired by Phantom of the Opera, which I'm excited for since it's one of my favorite novels. :)
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That's good to know. Thanks for posting the info. I wonder why there are generally no e-mails announcing upcoming releases anymore.
Maybe when there's a release date they'll send out an e-mail? So far they've only posted on Twitter about the new album, at least that I've seen.
Maybe. They didn't the other year around Christmas, though, and I found out about the last edition of Ebonshire digital tracks after the fact because of it. I am glad that Nox Arcana is still around, but they need to get on the ball a bit more when it comes to keeping fans up to date - not everyone has Twitter and such.
Yeah, my experience between them and Midnight Syndicate, MS does a better job keeping people up to date with any news, but I feel like they might just have a better team? Sometimes I get the feeling Joseph Vargo does like, everything with Nox Arcana on his own or they just have like one awkward intern working social media for them, lol.
Definitely. I'm only on Twitter sometimes, and can easily miss stuff - I just so happened to luck out and be on when they first posted the announcement. I don't think they even put anything on Facebook, at least not at first.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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