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New Midnight Syndicate CD this June - Classic Horror, Universal Monsters, Hammer Film

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Just wanted to post to the boards and let you know that Midnight Syndicate Halloween Soundtracks will be releasing a new CD called "Monsters of Legend" this summer.

The theme of the new disc is a tribute to the classic Universal Monster movies and the great Hammer Films that followed. Those of you familiar with our CDs know that classic horror is a big part of all our discs. This time, even moreso. If you like the old black and white horror films - this disc is for you!

We'll be posting more on our site, on Facebook, and here as we get closer.

Midnight Syndicate
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I am a big Midnight Syndicate fan. I am looking forward to this one.
Thanks for stopping by with an update, Mr. Douglas. Going by the description, the new disc sounds like it will be incredible. I am also a huge fan of the works of Mr. Goszka and yourself. Welcome to the forum.
Awesome news! I have quite a few Midnight Syndicate CD's. This sounds like a real winner.

Thanks . Yeah, we're pretty excited about this one. To do a disc exclusively focused on those classic Universal/Hammer films is really exciting to work on. We're bolstering up the sound design a bit (like we did on "Carnival Arcane"). The goal is to make you feel like you are "in" one of those movies or (even better) in the "world" where all those movies exist. We even teamed up with Universal Studios, the Karloff, and Lugosi estates on the packaging - should be cool. Garthgoyle - happy to be a part of this forum, a long time overdue.
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First, let me say welcome to the Halloween Forum. Second, OMG, MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE is on HF !!! You guys are like Halloween royalty! And lastly, glad to hear about the new CD. "Monsters of Legend" sounds like an awesome theme. Just two weeks ago I ordered "The Rage" soundtrack and "Carnival Arcane", the last two CDs I needed to complete my MS collection. Can't wait for the new release.
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Cool. I have a few of your CDs and will definitely take a listen to the new one when it comes out this summer...just in time for fall and Halloween. Might it also be appropriate music for a summer horror movie party outside at night with some friends? BTW that photo of Bela Lugosi looks great on your home page. :D

Welcome to the Forum. Lots of fans of your CDs here.
I hope this CD generates terrific sales for MS, as well as more interest in the great Universal horror monsters of the 30's and 40's and the Hammers of the late 50's and 60's. Now I'm in the mood for some Hammer.
Thanks all for the support and comments. Yes, this one will be out well before Halloween and summertime horror movie night. I agree, Bela looks great on our main page. We were talking with the Lugosi team, and will likely be working together in other ways going forward.

Searching through the old film photos and stills for the packaging was really cool. We just love the atmosphere and the imagery from those old films. Great inspiration. I hope this CD will encourage people who have not seen some of those old films to do so.
Howdy! Do you expect to have copies ready for Gen Con? I would like to pick it up while there.
Absolutely! We expect it to be released in mid-July the latest. It's coming together really well!
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Excellent!! I just watched "Vampire Lovers" last night on Netflix. Classic!
Just wanted to throw out an update. The disc is coming together really well. We're right on track for a mid-July release.
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Just wanted to throw out an update. The disc is coming together really well. We're right on track for a mid-July release.
If you don't mind my asking, is this going to be the actual cover artwork? http://www.halloweenexpress.com/monsters-legend-p-26044.html. If so, it looks very different than usual, but still really good.
I didn't know they posted that. Good catch! :) That's not the final artwork but it's close. We are working with Universal Studios' Universal Horror archives, and the Lugosi, Karloff estates. Being that the goal of the disc is to make you feel like you are "in" one of those movies. Having the authentic, classic images from the actual movies seemed to be key on this one.
Thank you for taking the time to respond. The wait is driving me nuts... and I cannot be the only one:D Any chance of some samples coming soon?;)
Thank you for taking the time to respond. The wait is driving me nuts... and I cannot be the only one:D
Appreciated. I think this one will deliver. Especially for fans of Hammer Films and the old Universals.

Any chance of some samples coming soon?;)
Possibly although I can't say when exactly. Maybe June? I'll try to post something here when we do.
Been a Syndicate ghoul since '99, and have had a mausoleum's worth of horrifically happy memories while your music played. You guys changed the industry and gave validity to Halloween music. I honestly believe that you are directly responsible for Halloween music showing up as a channel on cable tv in October, and I love hearing you on Halloween Radio.

I look forward to this newest release, and I wish you all the best in your eldritch endeavors.
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