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This NEW micro serial servo controller (SSC) is a very compact solution for controlling up to eight servos from a computer or microcontroller. The controller measures just 0.91" x 0.91", yet it is one of the most full-featured servo controllers available.

Please view more information at our site below !!

Electronics Circuit component Technology Electronic component Computer hardware

Weight: 5g
Size: 0.91” x 0.91”
Servo Ports: 8
Resolution: 0.5µs
Range: 250 - 2750µs
Logical Supply voltage: 5-16V
Data Voltage: 0 and 5V
Pulse Rate: 50Hz
Serial Baud Rate: 1200 - 38400 (automatically detected)
Current Consumption: 5mA (average)

Circuit component Electronics Technology Microcontroller Electronic device

Shown with the individual components.

Product Electronics Technology Circuit component Electronic device

Shown next to a standard size servo (not included) for scale reference.​
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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