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Hi Everyone,

Just found this place as we approach my 4th year of hosting out of control halloween parties...
Below is some images of said parties...

Started thinking bigger and better this year and am looking at USA animatronics :D

Hope there is some wicked ideas on here

Zombie Fictional character Fun Flesh Costume

my first zip face
Face Forehead Head Eyebrow Cheek

Made this from foam head and served salsa in it.
Costume Mask Fictional character Headgear Black hair

jason was at top of stairs with a security light and scream box rigged up.
Bathtub Bathing Room Plumbing fixture

this was my fave but it gor attacked by drunks before i could get a good picture. fish tank pump kept blood flowing out of her neck.
Zombie Fictional character Flesh Clown Performing arts

last min zombie..
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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