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new member, easy question

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Default black light suggestions
I have a small project. 4x8 table set up with spooky town village that needs an overall black light illumination to make it all pop at night with the lights out. I want to small details to be able to pop. I am trying to find a simple solution. I have very little experience with this so have no idea where to start. Tried to replace , my dinnig room lights with black light bulbs but that was a joke. Need some direction
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Hey Jen! Welcome to the forum! I don't know a ton about black lights but I know those screw in bulbs are all pretty crappy, and get crazy hot. If you're paying a under $10 for a bulb, it's likely garbage. I also think backlight has some health risks associated with it over long periods, so you might not want to have something that lights the entire room (not 100% sure on that.)

You could try something like this...http://www.amazon.com/Sunstar-Gemmy-Blacklight-Spotlight/dp/B00C5WD1ES. But I don't know how you'd mount it or how far away you'd have to put it to illuminate your whole display.

I'd post something in one of the Spooky Town threads. I bet you someone there has ran into the same issues, and you don't get a ton of answers in the welcome threads.
Hello and welcome :)

I was thinking that if you place your collection under a cabinet than you could get an under-cabinet fluorescent light fixture and replace the bulb with a fluorescent one. In addition - or alternately you could repaint some key parts of the collection with fluorescent paint. I love WildFire and they sell little kits of it: RSHD4www.blacklight.com/items/WF170005KT
Welcome!!! I know Party Lights has a screw in florescent black light bulb. I saw them at Home Depot. It's not like the old crappy incandescent black light bulbs that don't work. It's an actual screw in florescent bulb, so it should work fine. They're just under $6 each. Walmart even sells them, but my local Walmarts seem to be doing away with the florescent party bulbs. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Feit-Ele...iral-CFL-Light-Bulb-BPESL15T-BLB-HD/100553168


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Welcome to the forums! There's lot of people that can help you with your question here!

Giggleing Ghost
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