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New LOR S2 Release: Version 2.1.2

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Ok for those of you that use LOR, a couple of days ago they released a upgrade to S2 that has a lot of cool new features and bug fixes. This is just one of many to expect in the next coming of months. So if you haven't done so already go over and check it out and upgrade to the latest version.

I think one of the coolest new features is the ability to use a shell command to create a txt file that can be used with RDS software such as Airomate to send RDS info to peoples radios who visit your display.

Also it has added new effects that will allow you to fade and control intensities now of twinkles and shimmers.

Also the addition of the DMX effects tool which allows you to address DMX values on the fly and use them at the touch of a button.

Another fix is animations sequences can now be used under the musical tab and it will behavior in the same manner as it would if you used it under the animation tab in the show editor where you can have a show end at a set time before another show starts. This is a great fix because now you don't have to create multiple shows. If you run two shows an hour and need a filler that will fill the time until the next show it can now easily be done with one show instead of two....

To get more information on these releases and others in this upgrade visit the LOR thread about the release.

New S2 Release: Version 2.1.2 - LOR S2 Software Suite - Light-O-Rama Support Desk - Light-O-Rama Forums
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