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I'm selling two Scrolling LED (red) Belt Buckles, $9.99 - program whatever message you want on the LED display. Programming your message is easy and takes only minuets. Choose from hundreds of character combinations including all letters Aa-Zz and all numbers 0-9 as well as many other common symbols, punctuations and characters. Perfect for Halloween costume (either because it completes it perfectly, or your costume needs a brief explanation!

The buckle attaches to any belt with interchangeable buckles so you can use your old favorite belt if you wish. It features a 5" LED dot matrix that scrolls your message across the buckle. The LED Matrix Panel is bordered with a stylish polished chrome frame that accentuates your scrolling message. This buckle also stores up to 6 messages at a time and features brightness and scroll speed adjustments. High efficiency LEDs can run for over 20 hours continuously on a single set of CR2032 Batteries (included). Comes with instruction sheet.

check it out:



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