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Hello Everybody,
My name is Rachel and I do love Autumn and Halloween. There is something about the changing colors and pumpkins that gets me all gitty.

I joined because I've seen how much IslandCryptKeeper is having on the site. <in other words, I'm IslandCryptKeeper's Bride> If you don't like him, I'm nothing like him, so we will get along fine. ;) I'm just kidding honey, we love you. I was a bit jealous seeing his awesome Reeper Gifts and how much he had on the message boards, so I decided to get into the fun and join the forum.

I love Halloween. I spend way too much money on Halloween parties and even more on the decorations and materials to haunt my house. Mr. CryptKeeper was forced to have the spirit all those years ago, but he's really into it now and starts building projects in the summertime. So, we are non-stop around here. My mom blessed me with the spirit, and our kids love it just as much.

I, too, am counting down til Halloween and still feel that I need more time to finish the projects I have going. I'm excited about joining all of you who must love All Hallows' Eve as much as I do.

aka Red’s Hallows’ Eve
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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