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hi im new here and looking for simple ideas for a local hayride. we are doing it with our children and a few friends. our scene is a campsite with a picnic table and a tent where the kids are on a killing spree. my son has a persona of a dog/boy that people love he is called rabies. i am looking to see what myself and husband can do to look like we are dead and the other victims as well. again i am looking for simple and easy ust my husband myself and a few kids tonight after work. :D
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Wow! Sounds awesome tonya! Welcome to the forums! :)

You may want to start a thread in the general Halloween section if you don't get a response here... maybe with a title like "Simple suggestions for a haunted hayride." and that might get a few more eyeballs and ideas. We don't do much for scares so I'm kinda useless in that department.

Good luck!
Welcome to the forum . . . you're going to love it here!

Giggleing Ghost
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