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New here need a few tips.

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A friend of ours is having a halloween party. The wife was wanting to go as "Sookie" from True Blood,and I was going to go as a vampire. Well we decided to both go as vampires. The wife is wanting to wear something "sexy" but is concerned about sizes, in her word she is "plus-sized" she says she is about a size 16. Can anyone help?
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Here are a couple of sites I found that might have what you are looking for..

Plus Size Vampire Costumes at PlusSizeCostume.com -

Plus Size Vampire Costumes

Plus Size Vampire Costumes | Gothic Plus Size Costumes | Scary Plus Size Costumes

I just googled plus size vampire costumes and these plus a bunch more came up...
My friend went as a vampire one year and she actually got the Elvira dress and it worked out perfectly - she just didn't wear the belt or the wig. It's really easy to get ahold of a "plus size" Elivra costume - and sometimes these cheap-o synthetic Halloween dresses are stretchy and roomie!

You don't necessarily have to get a specific "Vampire" costume - any dark black dress will do. For a pirate one year I bought the Scream costume, but I cut it up real short and made some extra slices on it, threw on a big chunky belt and it worked fine! The dress, I noticed, was really, really roomie (and I am not a teenie tiny lady!) and could be considered "plus size."

Corsets are great, as well - They come in a number of sizes. And if you want some cool arm warmers (if you want to go a little gothic), cut the crotch out of some tights or fishnets and put your arms through the legs - those work fantastic and they fit anyone! That could be a cool accessory. Piecing together a costume is sometimes a better idea!

Google works great, as mentioned already :D :: vampire costume plus - Google Images

Honestly, anything black or purple works perfectly, too :)
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Also - 16 may be considered "plus sized" in the fashion world, but that's just a lady with some hips! She's going to look fantastic... the Elivra dress is the way to go! :p
Thanks guys. I actually started typing that and handed off to her so I guess she continued on as me lol. Think she has decided to just do a black corset and a skirt,makeup and so on. Thanks again for the help.
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