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Scary Jerry here,

We are just receiving shipment of our new Haunter's Video Projector. It will sell for $899 and has the following features:

1200 Lumens ( our PK20 Ghostbust is just 20 lumens)
Heavy black steel case
Infrared remote control
Ceiling mount
External DMX relay that controls the light output. Finally, a projector that lets you actually turn the light off and on when you want! No more trying to project black to get darkness. Of course, you can never get darkness by projecting black, just gray. For those of us who use projectors a lot it is truly annoying to see gray projected in what is supposed to be a dark room. Of course you can buy a $400+ Rube Goldberg motorized shutter but you still haven't got "DARK".

If you would like a manual light switch on a 15' cable in place of the DMX relay just subtract $50.

This is truly a unique product for haunters. It isn't rocket science to produce but it fills a niche that other projectors do not. The light switch does not bypass normal safety features such as the cooling fan.

Note, all new GhostBust sales after July 10, 2008 will include this new projector.

To order call Jerry at 916 600-2295


Jerry Jewell
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