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Hello All
My name is jason I just recently bought a house in NW tennessee and have always been a huge halloween fan. Lookin forword to my first display I came across this site and was excited to find i am not the only halloween fanatic. I look forward to seeing what others are doing
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Welcome Jason.
There's always plenty of Halloween related stuff going on around here, 24/7!
you'll find loads of ideas and inspiration, and plenty of talented haunters ready to help with any questions you may have
If you're new to haunting...Welcome to your new obsession.:D


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I look forward to seeing what others are doing
Ack!! Webcam!! Don't look! Don't look! You'll burn your eyes!!

Welcome in Jason!
So many good ideas here, so little time.
Beware - it's an insidious obsession...creeps up, slowly, lovingly, wrapping itself in and around your psyche, telling you all the while that "it's just a little prop"...
I have no regrets.

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Hello and welcome jason. Once you become a haunter you can forget the life you once knew.There is no longer any time left for anything except prop building and thoughts of halloween.
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